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Student Entrepreneurs

Feel Magazine: Fresh, progressive, intriguing perspective in art

By creating an outlet for expression by talented Deaf, Deaf +, and HOH artists, we encourage all ages, backgrounds, and identities of the Deaf community to appreciate works of art. Nikolya Sereda: Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief.

MunXe: On-campus Food Delivery Service

MunXe delivers from any college/university on-campus food services and restaurants to your door and fits into the busy lifestyle of a college student. Matt Sherman, CEO. Logan Waldo, COO.

Student Entrepreneurs Wanted

Get involved with GIEI to learn how to become an Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship Interest Courses

The listed entrepreneurship interest courses below are organized as a set of recommended courses that students may find useful in support of their innovation and/or entrepreneurship-related interests:

BUS 101: Introduction to Business

BUS 211: Management and Organizational Behavior

BUS 221: Marketing

BUS 295/GSR 220: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

BUS 321: Advertising & Branding

BUS 322: New Product Development

BUS 331: Business Statistics

BUS 341: Business Ethics

BUS 354: Entrepreneurial Finance

BUS 361: Global Business Foundations

BUS 371: Business Law

BUS 414: Human Resources Management

BUS 421: Market Research

BUS 422: Marketing Strategy

BUS 431: Production & Operations Management

BUS 495/GSR 300: Social Entrepreneurship

ART 495: Skating, Tracking & Data Visualization

COM 290: Public Presentations

COM 330: Interpersonal and Group Conflict Management

COM 340: Business and Professional Communication

COM 350: Intro to Mass Communication

COM 360: Introduction to Public Relations

COM 460: Organizational Communication

COM 491: Storytelling in Animation

GOV 391: International Relations

GSR 104: Quantitative Reasoning

GSR 110: Career Development

GSR 210: Diverse Perspectives

GSR 220: Data Visualization- Telling Stories with Data

GSR 230: Negotiations

MPA 714: Strategic Leadership & Management

MPA 838: Organizational Development & Management

PER 350: Event Planning & Management

PER 410: Management of Physical Education & Recreation

PST 598: Successful Grant Writing

RMI 201: Introduction to Risk Management & Insurance

SWK 318: Human Diversity

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Goals & Outcomes

  • A wider variety of teaching methods for infusing innovation and entrepreneurship concepts across Gallaudet University
  • Revising a course to include innovative methods and entrepreneurial principles
  • Discover rewarding ways to collaborate
  • Share ideas among the community of innovative faculty
  • Witness the excitement and inspiration of a business pitch competition

Student Impact

  • Students will learn innovative skills that will benefit their careers and entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Increased adaptability in a world where many exciting, rewarding career options ten years from now do not even exist yet

University Impact

  • Establish a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the entire curriculum
  • Develop synergy that can result from productive relationships and collaboration of faculty in different programs
  • Develop Gallaudet University as a global and regional leader in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Deaf community

Community Impact

  • Collaborations and partnerships between local, regional and national businesses and Gallaudet University
  • Increased community awareness of Deaf culture, accessibility and the innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors within GIEI and the Gallaudet community